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Dave Talbot Platinum Quality Author Platinum Author | 87 Articles Joined: May 14, 2007 United Kingdom Home Based Franchises – A Whole World of Opportunities For Your Own Business

If you’re looking for a way to start a business out of your own house but aren’t sure what you could do to become an entrepreneur, you may want to consider some home based franchise opportunities. These are ways for you to enter into a ready made operation with less risk and more profit potential if you’re interested in working from home.

Before you make a decision to jump into this option, you’ll want to learn a little bit more about what’s available for you. However, we should start at the beginning.

What is a Franchise?

Before you can decide if his is how you want to start working from home, you need to understand what a franchise is. Most of us have spent money at a franchise before. If you’ve ever bought a Happy Meal or a Subway Sub then you’ve been to a franchise operation.

Although these are not home based franchise opportunities, they are examples of franchises that have been operating for a long time and doing quite well. They are proof that franchises can be big money makers not just for the head of the company but for the individual owners of the restaurants.

How Does A Franchise Work?

Basically, here’s how a franchise starts. Company A opens its doors in one location. The company has a great service or product, as well as an effective marketing plan, which makes it successful at that location.

Maybe the owners of Company A decide to add a few more locations in their community and those also do well. It’s clear that people in other parts of the country would also be interested in what Company A is selling but they don’t want to be responsible for all of the locations in all parts of the country.

Instead, they make a deal with Person B who is looking for a way to start a business but aren’t sure what to sell. They create a partnership. Person B agrees to open up a location for Company A. In exchange, Company A supplies the business and marketing plans, as well as the product or service being sold.

Of course, Company A doesn’t do all this for free out of the kindness of their heart. Person A is usually charged some upfront fees for the service (this would vary from company to company) and must give a portion of their profits back to Company A regularly.

Of course, the benefits are clear. Person B is going to get a great deal with a ready-made company that could literally start making profits immediately. Company A gets a stream of income and is able to spread their company around the country easily. It’s a win-win deal for everyone involved.

Working from Home Franchise Options

A work from home franchise is essentially still a business, but one that you can run from your home based office or one that does not require investment in commercial premises. Although if the venture really takes off, then sometimes renting an office can be an option.

If you’re interested in starting a franchise from your home, you may be surprised at how many different choices are available. Below are a few ideas that are worth considering.

Local Directories and Magazines

These are essentially either a written publication or an on-line directory. Revenue is generated from these types of franchise predominantly from advertising.

It is entirely possible to start your own on-line directory but unless you are prepared to do a significant amount of software configuration it is probably best to purchase a franchise for this so you can concentrate on income generation as opposed to development

Education and Learning Franchises.

Ideal if you are keen on education. With these typically you will be selling online courses for either children or adults or even both. Overheads are low but you will need to be happy contacting cold customers or concentrating on generating referrals.

Training, marketing material and brand name normally form part of this home based franchise opportunity from the likes of ComputerXplorers for example.

Cleaning Franchises.

There is a whole host of home based opportunities in this market across a broad spectrum of industries.

This could range from home and office cleaning opportunities for example Merry Maids. The key here is to realize that you won’t be doing the cleaning but would be developing and winning cleaning contracts and then recruiting employees to fulfil the contracts. Your income is the difference between the contract rate per hour or job and the employee rate.

Automotive Franchises.

Another huge market for the home based entrepreneur is the automotive field. Franchises here will require a certain amount of mobility so would not be suitable for a stay at home mom for example unless they were employing a managerial strategy and outsourcing or recruiting.

Typically automotive franchises could include bumper repair, dent removal, mobile valeting and windscreen replacement to name but a few.

The list of home based franchise opportunities is almost endless and if you are a true entrepreneur there is no reason why you cannot find one that is suitable for almost anyone if you want you own business bad enough

Just make sure you do your research and know what you’re getting involved in before you make the commitment. Then you’re going to be on your way to becoming a successful working from home entrepreneur.

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Overview of Malaysia Economy and Franchise Business for Asia Franchises and Franchisees

Franchise Glance

The Malaysian economy showed good growth in 2012/2013 and is predicted to exceed 5.4% in 2014 with similar growth forecast to continue through to 2016. Demand is high in Malaysia with over 60% of Malaysia’s GDP contributed by domestic consumption.

In 2013, 480 new franchisees entered the market and as of August 2014 there were over 700 registered franchises with more than 6,000 outlets. The industry has growth capacity as it presently accounts for only 5% of total retail sales. Around 25% of franchises are overseas controlled and domestic franchisors are global looking, being in 51 countries totalling 1,494 outlets.

International expansion by domestic franchisors:

1) Indonesia – 22 franchisors

2) China – 14 franchisors

3) Singapore – 17 franchisors

4) Philippines – 10 franchisors

5) India – 10 franchisors

6) Vietnam – 10 franchisors

7) Brunei – 10 franchisors

8) Arab Saudi – 9 franchisors

9) UAE – 9 franchisors

10) Australia – 7 franchisors

Malaysia has Asia’s and probably the world’s most franchise friendly government. Malaysia views franchising as an important economic driver and as such it offers various sweeteners to encourage the expansion of the industry.

The Malaysian government actually has their own franchise development department which created the National Franchise Development Master Plan (PIPFN) 2012-2016. The plan sets out challenging goals and strategies:

To contribute 4.3% of GDP by 2016.
To contribute 9.4% of GDP by 2020.
To have a 16% increase in the number of registered franchise companies by 2016.
To make Malaysia the franchising hub in South East Asia.

The plan is hitting its milestones with franchising contributing around 2.7% of GDP in 2012 and the industry generated approximately US$7.5 billion.

The Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) is an agency owned by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOF Inc.) with the mandate to lead the development of Malaysia’s franchise industry. Several great finance schemes and tax incentives are available to help existing businesses grow through franchising and to attract new franchises into the country.

For example, the Franchise Micro-Financing Scheme allows prospective entrepreneurs with lower incomes the opportunity to start businesses with mitigated risk. The PNS allocated RM8 million (approximately US$2.5 million) to the program and as of early April 2013, RM6 million (approximately US$1.9 million) was delivered. The Ministry has stated that it is not averse to pumping more funds into the scheme.

Another scheme-The Franchise Development Assistance Fund-encourages local businessmen to expand their existing business into a franchised business. Businesses that have already been successfully developed as franchises are eligible for reimbursements of up to 90% for the overall franchise system development costs incurred, for a maximum amount of approximately US$31,118.

In addition, low interest loans of up to 80% are available to new franchises with no guarantor or collateral required and of particular interest to overseas companies looking to enter Malaysia is the availability of assistance for master franchisees.

To take advantage of these schemes and for further Malaysian franchise information please visit:

Malaysian consumer

Malaysia is geographically well positioned for franchisors targeting Asia. The central location and high domestic consumption has made it a strong initial target for franchisors looking to expand throughout Asia. As franchisors increasingly tap this market the Malaysian consumers are becoming used to, and can distinguish, global brands. The modernizing and sophistication of the consumers towards global brands is particularly prevalent among the young up and coming, more affluent Malaysians. By and large, the population is young with about 70% of Malaysians in the working age bracket of 15-64 and 28% aged 15 years and below.

An impressive 97% of the population are employed and the rise in Malaysian consumer’s disposable income has created a relatively new change in purchasing habits and this change is not expected to decline in the foreseeable future.

Consumer purchase drivers

Malaysian culture and their belief system is very strong and will affect purchases made by the consumer especially in non-durable goods (including food and clothing) sectors-so please be aware.

Similar to other Asian countries, they regard freshness and quality as an important factor when purchasing groceries and when eating out. The labeling of products to display these key points can be a good USP for your business and differentiate yourselves from domestic brands.

Low prices, though still influential, are no longer regarded as the most important purchase factor: only 69% of consumers in Indonesia consider it their most influential reason when choosing a store. However they are still not going to over spend, Malaysian consumers are the most prolific sale-seekers in Asia and a brand that offers a loyalty scheme and/or runs promotional campaigns has an advantage.

With the literal rise of supermarkets and malls comes the associated driver of convenience and for the franchisor, concession opportunities. Malls offer a wider range of foreign products/services for the consumer to try. The convenience of longer opening hours and being able to buy everything under one roof works well with the growing number of hours Malaysians are now working.

Although there is a trend for healthier eating, the traditional diet of the Malaysians is not so healthy. The Ministry of Health findings estimate that Malaysian adults consume the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of added hidden sugar, more than the amount recommended by the World Health Organization. The awareness of healthier living, despite being promoted by the government, is not completely developed yet and products that contain high levels of salt or sugar continue to be popular among Malaysian consumers.

This is good for franchisors as there is the best of both worlds. There is a healthy market-(excuse the pun) for higher calorie or salty products and there is a growing niche market for healthier products. To target the latter market make sure the whole marketing campaign goes 100% to specifically target the health benefits and quality ingredients used. Some brands are cleverly tying in health checks or product comparisons to extenuate the healthier properties of their products.

The bottom line

Malaysia is similar to Indonesia. There has been good growth over the past few years and this is forecast to continue. As a result of the improving economy, consumers are more optimistic and there is new consumer confidence in the market. Domestic consumer demand is high and the rising Malaysian middle-class has led to greater discretionary spending. It is still some steps behind more advanced countries in Asia but with such a franchise friendly government, the environment looks healthy.

Franchise for Your Entrepreneurial Soul – 12 Lower-Cost Opportunities

If you are like many smart people today, say a stay at home mom, furloughed executive, part-time consultant, or burnt-out whatever, you might be looking for more. Do you want something different, something sane, something fulfilling, or something that actually pays you what you’re worth? If so, you might be interested in opening your own business. It’s easier than you think and it doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money.

You have heard your yoga pals and parents at soccer practice talking about their successful multi-level marketing businesses (think Rodan + Fields, Stella and Dot or Pampered Chef), but that’s not really your style and you really want to own your own business. What else is there? Well, one way to work from home, work flexible hours, have the support of other business experts, but still call your own shots is to buy a franchise.

The best way to start your own business or choose a franchise is to consider your passions, your goals, and your resources. Suppose you have a heart of gold, love caring for others, or you really miss the excitement of small children now that your kids are a little older now. There are definitely some great options out there for you where you can earn money doing something you love. It’s the best of all worlds.

Lots of the top franchises, home-based or not, are very costly to purchase, so let’s focus on those have an entry point cost of $40k or less (some even start at under $100!). Here are twelve franchise opportunities that may be right for you from both an interest and out-of-pocket standpoint.

If travel is what you love and you are always telling friends and families where the best resorts in the Maldives are, how to plan a peerless adventure to Disney, or which hotel group offers the best “points” for your stay, then maybe you should consider a franchise with one of these three travel agency groups:

Travel Leaders is a worldwide company steeped in history, as the original business was founded in 1872. With more than 350 franchises in the U.S. alone, the company offers training, marketing and other support.

While Results! Travel is a part of Travel Leaders, it may be just what you are looking for. If you already have your own agency and want to tap into additional resources, Results! Travel allows you to maintain your agency name.

As a Cruise Planners franchise owner, you have your own home-based, full-service travel agency, with the resources and support of American Express Travel Services.

These three travel agency groups have franchises with startup costs beginning around $1,000 up to $27k.

Health-minded, caring entrepreneurs like you have many angles to consider, even at the lower franchises startup costs. There are franchises serving young and old clientele, and they can be very lucrative. Here are three to consider

Lice Treatment Center franchise owners stand to profit from the billion dollar a year (for treatment, prevention and products) business since there are six to twelve million cases of head lice in the U.S. each year. Lice Treatment Center was co-founded by two entrepreneurial moms (one an award-winning pediatrician) who wanted to provide an all-natural solution to an ugly, but common problem. Not only will you be offering a much-needed service, but your customers will also love you!

As an Amazing Athletes franchisee, you can use your love of fitness to provide educational sports programs, camps and parties to young children. A business making and keeping kids health-aware from an early age will make everyone smile.

If you are one of the sandwich generation or a healthcare professional, utilize your experience via a Hallmark Homecare business. As a franchise owner, you will be providing caregiver searches, recruitment and placement to those who need it most.

Are you a stay at home parent or former teacher who can’t get enough of your own kids, but you’re looking for additional income and want to use your educational background? You have some terrific options! Consider one of these three franchises that offers education or child safety.

Through Ident-A-Kid, a children’s safety products and services company, franchise owners work with private and public schools, providing parents with ID cards for their children (daycare through intermediate grades).

Club Z In-Home Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring for a variety of subject matters including preparation for SAT and ACT tests. In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, Club Z In-Home Tutoring also provides free tutoring in libraries, churches and other public venues.

MindsAhead Academy is a leading after school program that offers both tutoring and enrichment programs. They serve people of all abilities and ages, from preschoolers to adults seeking more education. With the majority of franchises located outside the U.S., MindsAhead is actively seeking franchisees across most states.

Franchises to express your artistic flair are equally available to entrepreneurs. Check out these three opportunities:

Bringing art alive for children and adults is easy through Abrakadoodle ‘s art-education programs for different age groups. Similar to the tutoring services, Abrakadoodle offers classes in schools and community centers, with a focus on art techniques, different styles, as well as art history and artists.

If photography is your thing and making someone’s big day special, you might consider becoming an owner of a Complete Weddings and Events franchise. Providing brides and grooms-to-be with services ranging from photography, video, DJ and photo booths might just be what sends your entrepreneurial heart soaring.

Remember the fun you had (still have?) with Legos? Then throw Lego parties, camps and engineering classes with your own Bricks 4 Kidz franchise. Only founded in 2008, this rapidly-growing business started by a mom in Florida and already has more than 600 franchises worldwide. Why not have fun and make money while you’re at it?

All twelve of the franchise businesses listed above provide a lower cost of entry to you and will allow you to pursue a passion, while feeding your entrepreneurial spirit. Now that your mind is spinning with all the potential you have to offer, from your own home no less, you should choose your passion and get started. You will thank yourself and others will, too!

Hillary Ryland spent nearly 20 years working in media at various advertising agencies in New York. She and her husband now live in Charlotte, NC with their three young children. Hillary still enjoys advertising, but spends her time writing, blogging, and chasing her kids.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Senior Care Franchise

The health care delivery system is rapidly changing as the population and its health care needs and expectations change. The shifting demographics of the population, the developments in medicine, the greater emphasis on economics, and technological advances have resulted in changing emphases in health care delivery.

Changes in the population in general are affecting the need for and the delivery of health care services. The 2000 U.S. census data indicated that there were more than 280 million people in the country. This population is attributed in part to improved public health services and improved nutrition.

Not only is the population increasing, but the composition of the population is also changing. The decline in birth rate and the increase in life span attributed to improved health care have resulted in fewer school-age children and more senior citizens, most of whom are women.

The senior population in the United States has increased significantly and will continue to grow in future years. In 1999, the nation’s 34.5 million adults older than 65 years of age constituted 12.7% of the population, with a ratio of 141 older women to 100 older men. The number of people in the United States older than 65 years of age is expected to reach 20% of the population by the year 2030.

For this reason, the need for senior health care services is in demand. The growth of senior care franchises had sprung like mushrooms, catering to all senior citizens. Senior care franchises are not merely focused on providing medical health care services but non-medical senior care as well.

Senior care franchises provide optimum adult care, such as health promotion, illness prevention, identifying and managing causes of sickness, treatment, coping, caring, dying, and death.

Senior care franchise system focus more on promoting effective caregiver-patient relationship and positive outcomes of care, nursing care that is culturally competent, appropriate, and sensitive to cultural differences. This system aims to help the individual retain his or her unique cultural characteristics.

With this, senior care franchise system aims to provide special foods that have significance and arranging for special religious observances. These things will enable the patient to maintain a feeling of wholeness at a time when he or she may feel isolated from family or community.

Cutting Edge

The growth of senior care franchises cannot simply be underrated. Since its inception, it has significantly showed verifiable growth, over the previous years. The adult population could be one of the most important factors, but recognition is also best shared with the effort of every senior care franchise to upgrade their services and provide more assistance to the elderly

Therefore, if you are still not convinced with what the business can do for you, here is a list of some of its advantages.

1. Medical and non-medical health care services

One of the best things about owning senior care franchise is that they can give you both sides of health care. They do not just provide medical health care services but non-medical as well. Non-medical health care services are those that provide company and personal needs.

2. Assisted living placement services

If you own a senior care franchise, you get to provide assisted living placement services. These services provide senior citizens fully aided living services. These kinds of services are specially made for senior citizens who cannot live on their own home alteration.

These are just some of the many benefits that senior care franchise can give you. So if you are looking for a franchise, why not choose senior care franchise instead and reap those greens like a pro.

Before making a responsible decision involving franchising your business or buying a senior care franchise, you should get all the information you can regarding the matter. Our website, Franchising My Business offers news, tips and advice to help you through this decision making process.